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At Bartons we recognise that our operations have an impact on society and the environment. As such, we are committed to conducting our business in a socially responsible manner and continuously improving our performance in this area.

100% NZ Owned & Operated

Family business


We continually reduce the environmental impact of our business by conserving the use of resources in our operations and services. This includes the promotion of recycling to send the least amount to landfill as possible.

All our soft plastics, e-waste, batteries and polystyrene are recycled with Abilities Group.

Cardboard is recycled with Reclaim and the remainder of applicable items via Auckland Councils recycling system.

The small amount of hazardous waste we create, we dispose of via local transfer stations.

Scrap metal is recycled via local businesses to make new products.

Upcycling - where possible we will recondition items to be reused or donated to community initiatives.

Extend the lifespan of equipment by providing high quality hardware backed by support and maintenance resources.


Universal Design
and Accessibility

The Universal Design approach is:  


“Design that makes things easier, safer, healthier and friendlier for everyone”


                                                                                            - Steinfeld & Maisel, 2012

We have assisted clients to improve accessibility for the public, as they interact with the built environment.


Staff are encouraged to actively monitor their work hours and stress levels, and we facilitate flexible shifts to ensure wellbeing.

We provide staff with complimentary annual health assessments where hearing, vision, lung function, blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol and blood glucose levels are checked and tracked to detect early signs and symptoms of health issues.

We ensure all onsite staff and managers have Site Safe qualifications as well as any other site specific safety training. 


Staff are encouraged to attend training courses to further their education and grow their skill set. Time and resources are allocated for this purpose. Everyone in the team plays a part in developing new ideas and initiatives.

We comply with all relevant environmental laws and codes and prevent adverse environmental impacts by implementing sustainable management practices and procedures.

Public Address Automation

Bartons (in conjunction with Simpleway) provided a system which generates clear and consistent audible announcements of the information on train movements through the Auckland rail network, as well as Wellington Station. This assists vision impaired who may have issues reading the signage. 

Hearing Assistance Systems

Bartons have provided hearing loops and other hearing assistance systems at numerous sites throughout the country.

Automated Multilingual Announcements

At Auckland Airport, Bartons (in conjunction with Simpleway) have supplied an automated multilingual announcement system. This provides audible announcements throughout the international terminal in thirteen languages, greatly improving amenity for foreign visitors.



Several of our staff and contractors are 60+, allowing them to work flexible hours into their retirement. We see this as a great way for skills, values, and experience to be passed inter-generationally.

We provide free and discounted services to community facilities such as Te Ahu community facility in Kaitaia in Northland, and the Everybody Eats charity in Auckland. 


We have also supported the below charities for a number of years.


We are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint and conserving energy.

We have audited our heating and cooling requirements in the office and used passive techniques such as tinting and shading to reduce power consumption.

Rather than heat our entire workshop, we use portable infra-red heaters, greatly reducing power consumption.

We use remote access and work practices to eliminate long distance travel and commuting when possible. Staff are provided with public transport credit to encourage efficient travel between sites.

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