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In 1992 Bartons Sound Systems installed the first site-wide PA system in Eden Park for the inaugural Cricket World Cup. NZ did not win the CWC this time but Bartons Sound Systems certainly did, and since then we have built new PA systems as old grandstands have been demolished and rebuilt. Since then Eden Park has been entirely rebuilt with the largest development, The South Stand, completed in 2010 in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Along with this building redevelopment, new PA systems have been designed and built by Bartons Sound Systems to match the architectural features and to keep Eden Park equipped with the latest audio technology.


Bartons Sound Systems initial contract at the Auckland International Airport started in 1997 with the Terminal Expansion Stage II. This included a new check-in counter building on the Eastern part of the Jean Batten International Terminal. This work also included the addition of a new PA control System, an Altec Lansing AMSYS. Since then new areas have been added and other areas refurbished. Most of the PA equipment is now Bosch and this includes, since 2006, combined PA Evacuation (EWS) systems. Due to our high quality PA designs and construction standards, Bartons Sound Systems are the preferred contractor for PA equipment installation and maintenance at Auckland International Airport and we hope this continues.



Part of ongoing city-wide transport infrastructure installations and upgrades.