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Celebrating three years at Wellington Railway Station

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Today we look back at our work in improving Wellington Railway Station in 2020.

In 2020 Metlink, in collaboration with rail operators Transdev, revealed a series of audio and visual enhancements at Wellington Railway Station. These improvements were implemented to provide passengers with better travel information and ensure their safety.

The outdated Customer Information System had become obsolete and could no longer meet the demands of modern commuters.

Recognising the need for an improved system, Greater Wellington Regional Council initiated the process of replacing the outdated system.

The upgrade boasts an array of impressive features aimed at improving passenger information and overall experience:

  1. Giant LED Jumbotron Screen: Situated in the heart of the concourse, a large LED matrix display ensures passengers have easy access to train departure information and important safety updates.

  2. New LED Displays: Enhanced displays offer clear and concise information to passengers, allowing for efficient planning of their journey.

  3. Improved Audio Announcements: The implementation of new speakers and digital signal processing guarantees more intelligible audio announcements.

  4. WiFi Hearing Loop System: For individuals with hearing impairments, the introduction of a WiFi hearing loop system ensures they can access important announcements and information.

  5. User-Friendly Backend Software: The new system incorporates user-friendly backend software, facilitating ease of use for Transdev operators and enabling seamless communication of travel information.

  6. Future-Proofed and Data Availability: The upgraded system has been designed with expandability in mind, ensuring its capability to accommodate future advancements. Furthermore, the availability of data allows for the integration of the system with apps and websites, granting passengers even more convenient access to travel information.


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