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  • “Click to Call”

    In the past, video conferencing (VC) was costly and complicated. Today, cloud-based systems and the ability to BYOD (bring your own device) have made it accessible. But, let's face it, we've all had those awkward moments during video calls. In this article, we'll explore the evolution of video conferencing and how to make it a seamless experience. This article is pertinent to AV experts, architects, administrators, and more. Let's transform video conferencing for the better. Click the link below to download and read this white paper.

  • Providing Enhanced Digital Services for KiwiRail's Great Journeys New Zealand

    In partnership with Czech technology company Passengera, Bartons has secured a contract to introduce digital services on KiwiRail's Great Journeys New Zealand tourist trains. The project will provide passengers with a dedicated mobile app to access infotainment while on the move. The solution also encompasses tools for pre-and after-sales service and an on-board Management & Monitoring Suite (MMS) and Content Management System (CMS) for efficient management of all on-board communication channels from a centralised platform. The service is scheduled to begin by the end of 2023 and will be incrementally rolled out across all three rail sections of the Great Journeys New Zealand tourist trains. “The technology will allow us to provide travellers with entertaining video content; with the ability to share the history, showcase local foods and attractions in the regions we travel through." - KiwiRail Passengera's CEO, Jan Kolář, expressed excitement about the new contract, stating, "In the tourist train segment, we have long been successful in winning contracts on some of the most beautiful lines in the world. Our portfolio includes world-famous Swiss trains and exotic destinations in the Middle East, Africa, and South America. And we are thrilled to add New Zealand with an exciting new project for KiwiRail."

  • Bartons selected as Audio Visual supplier for Te Kaha Multi-Use Arena

    We are pleased to announce that Bartons have been chosen as the official supplier of Audio Visual (AV) and Public Address (PA) systems for the Christchurch City Council project promising to transform the Canterbury landscape. The Te Kaha development is set to become a prominent landmark, featuring a fully enclosed rectangular multi-use arena with a minimum capacity of 25,000 permanent seats. In addition to the permanent seats, the arena will have an additional 5,000 temporary seats and 36,000 capacity for large concerts. Situated on the Te Kaharoa site, the project is one of the largest undertaken by Christchurch City Council, who have partnered with BESIX Watpac to ensure a smooth delivery. With over 800 devices carefully integrated into a coordinated Building Information Modeling (BIM) model, the AV hardware is poised to seamlessly blend into the arena's construction. This extensive selection of devices cover a wide range of requirements, ensuring that the audio and visual experience will be outstanding for all attendees. The PA system will cater to both the front and back of house areas, ensuring that announcements and important messages can be effectively communicated to the bowl and public circulation areas, as well as the selected staff and operational spaces. Additionally, a seating bowl hearing augmentation system will be in place to provide assistance to those with hearing impairments, making the arena more inclusive and accessible. In addition to the PA system, Bartons will be responsible for the AV systems throughout the arena. The IPTV system will provide a range of content, including off-air TV distribution, live event content from in-house and external broadcasters, menu boards, digital signage, and various time-related features such as countdown clocks and event/sports code match day clock systems. Bartons and our local subcontractor Futureworks, will work closely with BESIX Watpac to ensure the successful implementation of these systems, resulting in an arena that exceeds expectations. You can learn more about the Te Kaha project here:

  • Celebrating three years at Wellington Railway Station

    Today we look back at our work in improving Wellington Railway Station in 2020. In 2020 Metlink, in collaboration with rail operators Transdev, revealed a series of audio and visual enhancements at Wellington Railway Station. These improvements were implemented to provide passengers with better travel information and ensure their safety. The outdated Customer Information System had become obsolete and could no longer meet the demands of modern commuters. Recognising the need for an improved system, Greater Wellington Regional Council initiated the process of replacing the outdated system. The upgrade boasts an array of impressive features aimed at improving passenger information and overall experience: Giant LED Jumbotron Screen: Situated in the heart of the concourse, a large LED matrix display ensures passengers have easy access to train departure information and important safety updates. New LED Displays: Enhanced displays offer clear and concise information to passengers, allowing for efficient planning of their journey. Improved Audio Announcements: The implementation of new speakers and digital signal processing guarantees more intelligible audio announcements. WiFi Hearing Loop System: For individuals with hearing impairments, the introduction of a WiFi hearing loop system ensures they can access important announcements and information. User-Friendly Backend Software: The new system incorporates user-friendly backend software, facilitating ease of use for Transdev operators and enabling seamless communication of travel information. Future-Proofed and Data Availability: The upgraded system has been designed with expandability in mind, ensuring its capability to accommodate future advancements. Furthermore, the availability of data allows for the integration of the system with apps and websites, granting passengers even more convenient access to travel information.

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